Friday, December 9, 2011

Its A Business Now!

Well, I'm in business for real! Labeling, shrink wrapping, shows, web site, online store... all the way.. even have a cute little credit card machine!
Here's a pic at the Christmas Bazaar at the Senior Center in Athens,TN. My niece Britney is in the pic also... she makes soy candles and can coordinate scents that match my spa products.. pretty cool! Setting up at shows has been a huge learning experience for me. Setting up the online store has been too... I thank God my husband has a head for business and marketing or I would have never got this far into it. I've had 'businesses' over the years... my first was a doll making business I started when I was 19.. it never made that much and I really didn't have support from anyone or any knowledge on marketing, craft shows and festivals for it to amount to anything.
My second business was teaching Bellydance and yoga... which I soon decided I didn't have the patience to be a teacher for bellydance.. and teaching yoga was a hard one because I was in a small town where alot of people didn't understand what yoga was.... but bellydancing led to costume design and making... I did pretty well with that through the years. But never made the 'leap' to do it on a large scale... then once it became easier to get costumes from Egypt I couldn't compete with those cheap basic costume prices.
I thought I wanted to do seamstress work for awhile.. but no... I knew when a lady contacted me about wanting a floor length duchess satin wedding dress with a hand beaded corseted bodice and I quoted her a price of $800.. and she thought that was WAY to high!! I knew a seamstress business wasn't for me either... not in this area anyways!
So I've always had some kind of side 'business' but never had a 'real' business... thanks to my husband,, this is the real deal! and I couldn't be happier about it!!
It seems like everything has come together... my seamstress, costume design skills.. my absolute love for dairy goats (all goats!).. and my education in skin care.
I was afraid that my Esthetics's education, that I paid so much for, was a waste... but you never know what God has planned... because its been a huge help in creating my skin care line!! Since Goat milk is so so good for the skin... goat milk skin care is the perfect 'marriage' If beauties like Queen Cleopatra used milk for skin care (most likely goat milk) who am I to disagree!

Second line of business... Farm Girl Couture... my hand bags and accessories made from the animals feed bags... they are so cute! I love thinking of ways to make recycled things cute and unique... attention getting doesn't hurt either! So far I have a line that consists of large shopping bags, messenger bags, 'little box' style bags, and bucket totes... and 2 styles of wallets.. there was a definite learning curve to cutting out, constructing and sewing the feed bags! even lining them... ...but worth the time I put into them. Being recycled is a bonus... I'm feeling all 'organic and green' about them!

Goats!!!! My newest favorite goat is Coco Channel... she's the little brown Nigerian Dwarf with the blue collar.. I adore her.. Thanks to Fields of Grace for selling her to me!! I know it was hard for Lisa (owner of Fields or Grace) to let her go.. she's a great milker, good mannered and sweet.. plus polled! The kids that I've seen from her are all beautiful! I'm very excited to have her!
I admit... the Nigerians are my favorites... their personalities are awesome! Even if you do happen to get a hold of one with attitude its no big deal... because they are so small and easy to handle!

Well.. thats all for now. Gotta get back to work on the web site... soap making... so much! The next show I'm setting up at is The Boat Show in Knoxville and will be the biggest, longest show I've done! So I have alot of inventory to stock up on!

I haven't even started Christmas presents yet!

God Bless and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Congrats. Hope you still have the Alpines though and that they are doing well.

  2. Thanks! I guess you can tell I'm really excited about it.
    Ofcourse I still have Lily and Sienna!! I love them... they are doing great and hopefully bred to my French buck Ace!
    ...there's just something about tiny animals... maybe its a girl thing!