Friday, November 11, 2011

Busy Fall Days

Making so so much Goat Milk soap, Goat milk lotions and more that I've added to my skin care line based on the Goats milk... with 2 upcoming craft fairs I am in 'get 'er done' mode! heehee
I have 18 different fragrances of soap and shampoo bars in my collection now! I lobe the soap... I have always preferred goat milk soap to any other soap I've ever used... but the goat milk shampoo bars are amazing too!! My long, heavy, yet thin, hair has never been this manageable, nor this healthy and have this much body! I don't even have to use conditioner anymore!! Goat Milk lip balm has been added! And a whole skin care system based on what I studied and the products we used in Esthetics school! I'm super excited about it! I used to have super sensitive skin and it was alot of work to get it normal so I won't just use anything on my face!
I have used $100 face creams... had super facials with top of the line products so no... I really can't just use anything on my face...I love the products I have made for the line so far.. they have alot to measure up too... so far so good!

AND kicking out my line of Upcycled Feedbag Farm Fashion Handbags and Accessories... like this market bag!

Cute tote style purses.. as well as the messenger bags like the one in the previous post... bucket totes, wallets! I'm experimenting with cuffs too. With much more in the future. I have some really good ideals for this stuff.

This is a good picture of the farm my niece Britney took.. she took quite a few I need to add to my website!

I love fall.... I wish it was always spring and fall!

Though We hardly ever go out anymore.. and when we do we rarely ever have a camera! so this is a rare going out pic of me and my Bald Man hanging out, having a cocktail.. watching people in Athens,TN at a Mexican restaurant having karaoke... highly entertaining.. yet sometimes painful to the ears!!

Here's a picture of a bucket tote I made from a sunflower wild bird seed bag...

All in all... busy fall days... Bald Man had to remind me to slow down and enjoy the goats, the farm and not forget why we did this to begin with...

Its hard when I want to get SO much accomplished and its all so time consuming... but he's right..

Its good to slow down and take a look at what you have accomplished and not focus on what you didn't get done.

My man is pretty smart... just don't tell him I said so!

God Bless! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Awesome and wishing you success with your goat milk products & the farm.

  2. Your products look great I know you will do well at the craft show.