Thursday, October 13, 2011

Life with Goats

My first post on my new blog! Now I'm no stranger to blogging... but it has been awhile! I started a sewing blog while living in Knoxville back in 2007. Posting mostly things I sewed... and that was mostly all clothing.. I look back at it now and think... my, I was bored! I made SO many cloths! Some I never liked or wore... but it was something to do that I did enjoy. I love to sew.. I just really didn't need to make 20 something tops in a month! But I didn't have anything else to do.. but maybe clean the house (NO!ahhh!)
I have since down sized my closet ALOT. I find I don't need 10 mini dresses and 40 pairs of heels anymore... life on the farm in tiny little Niota.. is not life in Knoxville... and I don't have time to be bored. haha! I still have plans to make and refashion jeans.. one item I can never have to many of no matter where I live. Jean jackets are necessary.. and tees.. I do need t-shirts and I prefer to personalize them. I still like cloths.. its just not a real focus in my life and I'm glad for that.
I sew different things now... like recycled handbags and wallets from my animals feed sacks! More on that later!
My life on this farm wouldn't be complete without 'the girls'.. my goats! They give the best milk that I make the best cheese and yogurt from!! They also give me the milk that has allowed me to put my Esthetics education to work making skin care products. The best soap and lotion I have ever used has been made with goat milk. I was using goat milk soap I bought from the farmers market in Knoxville long before I made my own.
The goats, what can I say... I get up every morning and can't wait to look out the window to see what their doing.. I look forward to feeding them, milking them and just being around them everyday... I can't wait till my girls have the first goat kids born on our farm!! I got my first pair of goats in Feb. of this year.. which is entirely another story! Since then a few goats have left the farm and quite a few more were bought in.. I have completely thrown myself into caring for them and learning as much as I can about them.. you can never learn all there is to know about goats.. they are quite unpredictable!
and now...
I want ya to meet a couple of my girls.... This above is Petunia! A blue eyed Nigerian Dwarf darling that I love! She's very vocal, so tiny and cute. So friendly!

This is Star... a Nubian. Not my favorite breed but she's special. One Nubian in a small herd of Alpines and Nigerians is not that bad.. the Alpines really keep her in check! The first goats I bought were Nubians, 3 of them, and one of them came with her 2 babies. Star is the only left out of those goats... why? I guess because after the other 4 were gone Star got quieter.. not as rowdy.. just a nicer goat! So I decided to keep her and see what happens as she grows up... and hopefully she will have tiny Myotonic/Nubian cross kids for me next spring!

Plus she's extra loving! She loves hugs... now not all goats do!

She should be a good milker.. we'll see!

I have many more girls (and boys) to blog about... as well as skin care recipes, sewing projects... farm stuff, goats,, chickens and so much more!

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